Driven by his passion for design and craftsmanship, Guillaume Bouvet has spent many years working and studying to develop his trade. His training began within the prestigious "Compagnons du devoir", where he spent 7 years travelling throughout France apprenticing with artisan carpenters and cabinet-makers. Following this he settled in Lyon to further develop his skills in design at the institute for design in Villefontaine.

Drawing inspiration from his travels and from Scandinavian design culture, Guillaume Bouvet focuses on producing minimalist, functional and ergonomic furniture. He is a keen follower of the principle: « form follows function » - quote by the 20th century American architect Louis Sullivan

"Simplicity is a key element of design as it helps to complement function by providing the best reading and understanding of the end product."

The design aims to reinterpret the use and functions of an object. Designing reliable and sustainable products is essential in order to change our system of over-consumption that has shown its limits.

As a carpenter I really love the sensations that wood provides. This raw material regenerates quickly and can be used in an ecologically responsible way by humans. Wood requires little transformation to get to the final product unlike other raw materials.